Wednesday, June 16, 2010


 Lucky's Story
Lucky came to me through an ex-boyfriend.  He would referee football for a local youth sports program.  Lucky was left in a rusty cage which said 2 year old spayed female free to good home.  No one was around it.  There was no food left for her or water.  Thankfully it was on a day where games were taking place.  No one seemed to want her so I took her home.  She made herself at home the first day.  None of the other cats that I had at the time hissed at her or anything. Which was odd.  My original inention was to find her a home, but after the end of the day I knew that she needed me and I needed her.  I named her lucky because she was lucky that I was the one that found her.   The next day I took her into the vet for a full check up.  She did have some food allergies which I have been trying for years to figure out.  But I think the food that I have her on now is working out well. Her hair is growing back in where she pulled it out and she seems happy.  Lucky is now 9 and has grown out very nicely.  She's about 14 lbs. Loves food and LOVES a lap. If you have one she'll be in it. 

She's also very smart.  She will scratch on the door when she's in the bed sleeping with us if she wants out or when she wants in.  She's taught Smokie how to do this as well.  She is such a warm and gentle cat.  She also has a funny way of sticking her tonge in and out when you scratch her back. It's soo cute.

Sassy (A.K.A. Patchers)

Sassy's Story

7 Years ago Sassy was underneith a friends portch with one kitten.  My friend and I believe that people around the block slowly took the kittens into their homes and only one was left.  My friend took the kitten but didn't want Sassy because she was part feral.  She was extremely mean and would scratch you and bite you.  But I knew that if Sassy were left on the streets she'd either die there, or the Humane Society would trap her and euthanize her.  I didn't think that was fair to Sassy. She had so much life left.  When I got her home and tried to pet her her head would go down and ears back.  This was a sign that she was abused at some point in her life.  I spent many nights in the basement with her while she got aquainted.  She gradually came to trust me and would curl up on the couch with me.  I took her in to be spayed and all has been well health wise since then.  She has done a 180 since the first time I took her in. I am now able to pick her up somewhat.  There are some days that she isn't having it and I understand.  She does not scratch anymore or bite unless she feels cornered and feels threatened otherwise she runs in the other direction.  She does not like anyone else but me.  Because she is part feral it also makes it difficult for her to be taken into the vet.  When she had her rabies shot it took 3 vet assistants and the vet to give her the rabies shot.  So she does not get them anymore. I am vigilant about her not getting out, though she really wants to.  If there is an open window she's right there.  I am not sure how old Sassy really is.  She was probably between 5-6 when I got her so I estimate her age to be around 12-13.   She is getting to the age where she can have more medical needs, and that means that getting the vet savings account set up is important now more than ever. 

Sassy has her own special way about her and I love her as much as she loves me.  I can't imagine this world without her.


Smokie's Story

Smokie came into my life when I took him from a rescue group Kindred Kitties.  He was about 3 months old, he is now 9.  He had upper respiratory infection which was taken care of when I took him to the vet. 

He loves to play with grapes batting them around. He LOVES food. If you have it, he wants it.  He especially loves attention from everyone.  He loves to be petted and cuddled. You can pick him up like a baby and cradle him and he purrs.  My favorite part is that I love to lie in bed and he will lay on his back with his head on my shoulder (with my arm around him) and we'll both fall asleep.  He is so kind and gentle.  My favorite moment was when I was watching my niece when she was about 9 months old laying on my bed sleeping taking a nap. He climbed up on the bed. He layed down next to her and put his paw on her as if to protect her while she slept.

Everyone at the vets office just loves him and comments on how well mannered he is for a cat.

Smokie is the cat who recently had to go to the vet because he was throwing up food with blood.  He was into the vet twice.  And was on repeated medication.  His gastritis was very persistent but the last antibiotic with something to settle his stomach worked.  He has not thrown up in almost a week.  He was changed to wet food which has helped I believe.  I am hoping that this is behind him and he will not have any more problems in the future.


This is the first post to introduce myself and my 6 cats which I have rescued.  My name is Melissa and I am 33 years old.  I have 6 cats which I have rescued most of them are ones that were hard to place so I took them in under my care.

In January of this year (2010) I was in a car accident which injured my back further.  I have been in therapy since February 2010 with out much success in being released from therapy.  I can only work 2.5 hours a day.  My fiance John works a full time job which just barely makes all the bills.  My job helps pay for cat expenses. 

Recently one of the cats which I rescued was throwing up about twice a day with blood in it.  The vet diagnosed him with gastritis which is an irritated stomach.  The antibiotics which he was given did not work and he went through two before the third one worked.  This in an out vet visits depleted the savings which I had for veterinary care.  Now if any one of my 5 other cats have a health emergency I would not be able to afford to send them to the vet.   I have been told that if I were to surrender them all they would most likely be sent to the humane society and be euthanized because there are too many animals right now being surrendered due to the economy.  These loving and wonderful cats do not deserve that.  I feel that they are better in my care than anywhere else.  That is why with this blog and my online store I hope to be able to get a nice account for Vet care set up so that they can get the medical treatment they may need in the future.  I didn't just want to have people donate money (you can if you'd like), but wanted to provide them with a wonderful selection of collectibles and home decor.  They get great quality items, at great prices.  Plus, the proceeds go to a good cause.

I spend $60 a month right now just on cat litter and cat food.  There is nothing left for vet care.

I will post introductory blogs on each cat and how they came into my lives along with photos.  I will also post updates as to their health and any funny and/or cute things that they may do.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. Please pass it on to your friends and join me in this wonderful cause.