Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update With The Cats

It's been some time since I last posted.  I did not get accepted for the animal fund because his condition is treatable with medication.   However,  since the fundraising aspect was not panning out, I took a 2nd Job.  I've been working hard to save some money up so that Smokie can get his Radioactive Iodine treatment.  He has been doing well on the Methimazole.twice daily.   I'm trying to save up at least $100-$200 a month to put away for Smokie's treatment.  Though right now I've had two cats with urinary tract infections which have eaten up any money I was putting a side for Smokie right now.   So hopefully next month will be better for Saving some money.  Right now I have saved $100 currently.  So hopefully the cats will stay healthy! ;)

Charlie was doing good until this past Tuesday July 5.  In the morning I heard a commotion at the bottom of the basement steps. Charlie's tail was all poofed out and he had pounced on poor Lucky who was in a corner.  She had a cut below her eye which I treated.  Had to separate him for a bit. So far so good. Her scratch is healing nicely.   If his behavior doesn't change soon he'll be going into the vet to be checked out.

All the rest of the kitties Faith, Callie and Sassy are doing good! ;)  Will try to update the blog more often.

Till Next Time