Monday, May 16, 2011

Badger Animal Fund

Though word of mouth we found a local Animal Fund that might be able to help Smokie with the Radio Active Iodine treatment which would cure him.  We submitted an application about 2 weeks ago with records from the vet.  We found a treatment facility about 2 hours away that would do the treatment for about $1200.  Smokie would be in their facility for about 3 days and then he'd be able to return home.

The fund committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every month.  We are now waiting to hear the outcome.  Hopefully they will be able to help us to cure Smokie!

Charlie's Quandary

For Some time Charlie our orange and grey tabby has been chasing the females around and pouncing on them.  Lately it has gotten worse.  Pouncing roughly on the female cats and leaving big scratches and other small wounds.

I had talked to a behaviorist.  She brought up a point that male cats bond closely.  Charlie and Smokie are very close and always snuggle with each other.  Charlie will follow Smokie around if he moves and cuddle with him.  They groom each other all the time.  So I realized that Charlie's behavior is because he senses that something is wrong with Smokie (hyperthyroidism) and it is causing him stress.  I often give the cats cat nip as a treat.  Cat nip is also the cause that he is more aggressive in his play.  Since stopping the cat nip, he has calmed down some.  I've also gotten some calming chews which I give to him at night to keep him calm and relaxed.

The behaviorist also thinks that since Charlie can sense that Smokie is ill, he is also trying to be the dominant male now.  Since Smokie has been sick he isn't as pushy towards the other cats.  He lays around and sleeps.  Plays once in a while.  So being that Charlie is the only other male cat in the group, he is trying to fill the dominant male void.  Between those two things, Charlie is stressed out.  He is a very sensitive cat.  You look at him the wrong way and he'll run and hide.

So, the course of action right now is to give him calming chews nightly to help.  Will be getting some calming oil to put him on him to see if it helps.  If it doesn't then, we may have to go to the vet to get medication to help him during this time.

So far so good though! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011


It's been a while since I've last updated this blog. Things have been busy over here. Finally I think all the urinary tract infections have finally gone, I am focusing on other things. Smokie is now considered stable. His T4 is now at 2.4 with the range being from (1.9 to 4.8) So he is in a good place. His next vet appointment is not needed for another 6 months!

I have applied for the Badger Fund to hopefully help me with the cost of the Radio Active Iodine treatment for Smokie. I filled out the application and will not hear the result of that decision until next Thursday or Friday. I am hoping for good news. If they can help with the amount for the procedure then all that's needed for him to be admitted is x-rays (2 views of the chest). Then I can send them to Radiocat and hopefully they will say he is a candidate for the treatment. Once he has the treatment then, he'll be cured! No more vet appointments, no more blood tests! It will be a relief!

The other kitties are doing well. The protien found in Sassy's urine when she had the UTI is now gone. There is no protien in her urine. Her urine is healthy and shows no kidney issues. YAY! She still has the red ears, and the vet attributes it to old age. But I am keeping an eye on that.

So all is going well at this point! Good news all around!