Monday, September 7, 2015

To update you on the legal situation. It has been resolved.  I ended up contacting a bankruptcy attorney to have them offer a settlement or tell the adverse attorney I was filing bankruptcy (he didn't know that I had trouble getting someone to take the bankruptcy case).  I ended up paying $1000 to him minus what was already taken out of my paycheck (3 checks).  So, it has been settled. Final payment was made.  So glad that is over!

Now I still have to raise funds for veterinary care.  Smokie's appetite when down. He was seen by 2 vets for an independent consult. Those took the rest of whatever money was left out of my fund raising account.  His T4 was 21.1! So vet thinks it was the meds. New meds were picked up from another manufacturer .  The manufacturer he had been on for Methimazole is Boca.  Someone else had a problem with their methimazole as well.  He has to be retested in three weeks, and if it's not the meds then we have to adjust meds accordingly.  She said if meds don't work then there could be other factors at play.  Some pretty scary.

So now I have to figure out where the money will come to have him retested.  If in 3 weeks his T4 has gone down significantly then he may only need one more blood test. If not, he may need several before he's table again.  Hoping that being at the 21.1 T4 has not damaged any of his other organs!  He is also on an appetite stimulant now too to help him eat.

He now needs weekly b12 shots which I can give at home. However, that's only if I have the money to purchase the vial of b12 and the syringes. :(

I have been trying really hard to find other ways to bring in income.  None seem really viable, and if it does look interesting there are about a million people doing similar things :(

So please please please pass this link around to our fund raiser.  Even if it's through Facebook or Twitter.  It would greatly be appreciated.  If you know of someone that can help with the situation please let me know!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Update and Urgent Help Needed!

Things have been crazy lately. It's been quite a while since I updated my blog about the cats. A LOT has changed.

I have some sad news to report.  March 22, 2015 I had to help Sassy to the rainbow bridge.  Her CKD had progressed, and so had her hyperthyroidism.  Her Kidney numbers were through the roof and so were her Thyroid numbers. Trying to balance those two would cause her to crash. She was not eating and peeing everywhere.

She did have a bad kidney infection which helped the CKD to progress and get worse. Antibiotics were not helping, and she was going down hill fast.  Her quality of life was dwindling so I did my final act of love and selflessness and helped her cross the bridge.  It was an easy decision to make but a hard one to go through.  I rescued her from abuse, and gave her a wonderful loving home.  She was 18 years old, and lived a wonderful long life.  I miss her terribly, but I do know that she is still around me.  There are times I do hear her meow. It was very distinctive to any other of the cats meows around here.  And I believe she is still here with me, and it gives me comfort.
I thought with the relief of not having to get meds for her, less wet food, etc that the financial aspect would improve just a little.  I was wrong.  
Smokie about a year ago was diagnosed with IBD. He was on steroids to help and meds and was doing great, however after Sassy was gone, he quickly started having flair ups with his IBD and now I have more meds and supplements that he needs which has taken any extra money I would have had. With the prednisolone that he is on for IBD it makes him eat more. Normally he should have one can of food a day. He's going through 2+ cans (5oz) a day.  The prednisolone reduces the ability of his body to fight infections.  He's recently had a UTI and is on antibiotics.  Every vet visit cost over $100. 

I now have a new situation going on that has threatened my veterinary fund I had set up for them. Every year my tax money goes for vet visits for my special needs cats.  A few months ago, I was contacted by an attorney stating that the collection company that purchased my debt is demanding payment or they will garnish my wages.  At first I thought this was a scam so I did some investigating.  Indeed there was a judgment against me. But this was almost 10 years ago, and I was never served or notified about it.  When I did more digging around I found out that it was for a credit card that I had paid off 11 years ago.  Since there was a judgment I went investigating on how I could get the judgement vacated. I never received a collection notice once until now.  The originating collection agency that handled the judgement from my research online has very many legal problems and they are about as crooked as you come.  They did not act on the judgement, and let it sit and gain interest until it was over $4000. They sold it to another collection agency for profit. Their legal problems are so bad they even had to change their name.   I figured I'll just find my records to prove I paid this off.  In searching I found out that those records were destroyed last year.  I had kept them 10 years, 3 years longer than what was recommended.  So I had to go about finding my bank I had all those years ago.  In searching I found out that this bank sold their business to another bank.  I called that bank and seeing as the records were over 10 years old they would no longer have those.  So I now have NO proof I paid this off!

I contacted many attorney's who practice in this area of law. Unfortunately I was told by all of them that investigation and going after this company would take money and time. Money I did not have.  They recommend bankruptcy as the cheaper alternitive.   So I did call many bankruptcy attorneys and because my debt is under $5,000 ( this judgement is the only money I owe to anyone) they do not recomend bankruptcy and will not do so.  Pretty much no attorney will.  So I'm caught in a very bad bad situation.

Fast forward a few weeks to now, the adverse attorney has started garnishment proceedings. They will take $100 + out of my pay check each pay period.  I can not afford this, as that means food for myself, my cats and their health needs.  On top of the current mess I had an unforeseen expense that took all of my veterinary fund to fix. It wasn't something I could put off.  So now, I have no veterinary fund, and I am getting my wages garnished.  Plus side is if I claimed bankruptcy they could have taken my veterinary fund money.  Now it's not there for them to take. :(

It is an unfortunate thing that has happened and I am outraged by it.  I feel as though the originating collection agency stepped all over my rights and now put me into this unfair situation.  I don't have the money to fight it, and claiming bankruptcy is going to be hard given the amount I have.

So it is urgent more now than ever that I forward my fundraiser to help raise funds for my cats veterinary care.  They should not be affected with what has unfairly been done to me.  I am including a link to my fundraiser for my cats.  Please forward it on your Facebook pages, twitter accounts and any other social media you may have or way to pass it around.

My diabetic cat needs to go in for a check up. She also has heart arrhythmia and her heart needs to be checked.  I have only raised $150 which has already been used for Smokie's vet visit. So right now I can not get Lucky in to be seen. The vet will not accept payment arrangements, and with the garnishment happening I can't afford to make payments.
I am hoping and praying that this situation can be remedied and soon. I pray for answers every day. 

Veterinary Fund Raiser

I had found many links to places that help owners with veterinary care for their animals. However, because her life is not immediately threatened by not being able to bring her in, no one can help me.  She is doing okay and this is just simply a check up. So unfortunately those sites will not be able to help until she is in a life threatening situation.  Regular veterinary checkups would help prevent that situation from occurring.

So fundraising is my only option.  I am asking for everyone's help. For the sake of my wonderful loving cats. I love them with all my heart and will protect them at any cost.