Monday, September 7, 2015

To update you on the legal situation. It has been resolved.  I ended up contacting a bankruptcy attorney to have them offer a settlement or tell the adverse attorney I was filing bankruptcy (he didn't know that I had trouble getting someone to take the bankruptcy case).  I ended up paying $1000 to him minus what was already taken out of my paycheck (3 checks).  So, it has been settled. Final payment was made.  So glad that is over!

Now I still have to raise funds for veterinary care.  Smokie's appetite when down. He was seen by 2 vets for an independent consult. Those took the rest of whatever money was left out of my fund raising account.  His T4 was 21.1! So vet thinks it was the meds. New meds were picked up from another manufacturer .  The manufacturer he had been on for Methimazole is Boca.  Someone else had a problem with their methimazole as well.  He has to be retested in three weeks, and if it's not the meds then we have to adjust meds accordingly.  She said if meds don't work then there could be other factors at play.  Some pretty scary.

So now I have to figure out where the money will come to have him retested.  If in 3 weeks his T4 has gone down significantly then he may only need one more blood test. If not, he may need several before he's table again.  Hoping that being at the 21.1 T4 has not damaged any of his other organs!  He is also on an appetite stimulant now too to help him eat.

He now needs weekly b12 shots which I can give at home. However, that's only if I have the money to purchase the vial of b12 and the syringes. :(

I have been trying really hard to find other ways to bring in income.  None seem really viable, and if it does look interesting there are about a million people doing similar things :(

So please please please pass this link around to our fund raiser.  Even if it's through Facebook or Twitter.  It would greatly be appreciated.  If you know of someone that can help with the situation please let me know!


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