Saturday, December 13, 2014

It has been a while since the last post. Things have been busy, and I have been horrible about updating. So I am going to update with all that has happened since the last post!

Sassy was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, as you know.  She has now been diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease).  Her Phosphorus and potassium were very high.  She was also diagnosed with metabolic acidosis as well as a heart murmur.  So she is now on benazapril for her heart, coQ10 for her heart, Phosphorus binders, baking soda for the metabolic acidosis.  Her T4 had increased so she now gets 1/4 of her methimazole AM and PM.  She gets Ondansetron for her nausea and gerneric Zantac for tummy acid.  She seems to be doing well on this combo so far.  She has not gone back in for more diagnostics as I have run out of money. So now I take it one day at a time.

Lucky went in for dental this year again and gave the vet a scare. Her lips started turning blue, and after the procedure the vet found she had arrythmia.  And so she too now has been put on Benazapril for her heart.  The vet had suggested I get an ultrasound for their hearts to see what type of heart issues they had and how bad they were.  However at $400 a piece I do not have the money for that, and they are being treated just with the benazapril at this time.

Smokie on and off after being stabilized with Hyperthyroidism, had thrown up.  I'd change the food, and he would stop throwing up.  His vomiting spells had gotten worse. He went from weighing 12lbs to 8.5lbs.  About what he was when he was diagnosed with HT.  He was taken into the vet and diagnosed with IBD  which is Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  He was put on prednisone. 5mg to start and 2.5mg there after.  This has stopped the vomiting but he has had some nausea, and had to be put on Ondansetron for the nausea.  This helped with his appetite. 

It has been a very busy and stressful time trying to figure out what their medical issues were and trying to figure out if I could afford it all.

Now 3 cats are strictly on a wet food diet, and have multiple supplements to help them.  It's getting harder to be able to afford what they need because their medical conditions seem to broaden with each passing year.  Normally my tax money would be more than enough to pay for medical treatments as needed. This year I ran out by November.  2 of the 3 cats really need blood tests to monitor blood levels for treatment adjustments and there is just no money unfortunately.  On top of all those developments we have had car problems. Our cars are over 12 years old, and with all of the cats medical needs we can not keep up on our car repairs.  We really need money to buy newer cars that are in better condition than the ones we currently have.  We do the best to keep them maintained and do a lot of the repairs our self, or have a salvage yard friend help us find parts for cheap repairs.  But the vehicles are getting to the point that they are getting more costly and more invasive than we can do ourselves, and it's really time to get newer vehicles.  But in order to do this, I'd have to use at least 1/2 my tax money and half of my fiance's taxes to purchase a newer vehicle.  Unfortunately I need ALL my tax money and then some for the cats medical care.  If we do not get newer vehicles then when they finally do have a major break down, we will not be able to afford to fix them.  We live in a rural area, and the roads in the winter are plowed but never salted, and when plowed are plowed last.  So all wheel drive, or 4 wheel drive vehicles are a must.   If I can not get out to get to work, I will not have a job.  And it's needed for the cats' medical expenses. We can not live on one income.  As it is my fiance drives 1hr and 10 minutes to work.  To cut gas expenses he's stayed in town where he works, and only comes home 1-2 nights out of the week.  We've given up a lot of our daily needs to make sure the cats get theirs, and we are at a point where we can not give up any more.

I rescued these special needs cats because no one else would.  And at the time their conditions were manageable.  Now they are getting older and need more medical treatment and supplies.  

I have worked so hard to keep them in a safe environment, and give them a warm and loving home.  I am now starting to struggle, and it is very difficult when I know they need to go to the vets to monitor their medical conditions, and I can't take them in.  I am doing the best I can, but the way things are going I may not be able to properly care for them if their medical costs go any higher.

Therefore I'm creating a fund raising website, to try to raise funds.  If I can raise at least $2000 that will free up my taxes and we can get a newer vehicle that has less miles and will be more reliable and less expensive to fix for a while.

There is a link below where you can donate.  I have also created cat related t-shirts and other items. I will also create dog related t-shirts to sell.  I have teamed up with an animal rescue in Michigan who makes the shirts and items and then ships them out. So, each purchase also helps them with their animal rescue and sanctuary as well! It benefits both of us. All money raised  by purchasing t-shirts and other items will go for veterinary care for the cats, and their medications and supplements.

I ask that you forward these links as much as you can through social media websites such as twitter, Facebook etc.  It would really make Christmas a happier time if we knew that these wonderful cats would have the proper medical care that they need and deserve. 

We pray daily for the answer to our situation, and hope you will do so with us as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Purchase items to help us raise funds:

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