Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Diagnosis of HT

As of April 4, 2013 I have another diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism. Sassy was officially diagnosed and put on medication.  However, after a few days of the medication she started to scratch her face and had sores all over :( Poor Sassy!

A small percentage of cats have an adverse reaction to the Methimazole medication.  I did not want to give up so I did try stopping it for two weeks and then restarting it while giving her Zyrtec for the itching.  She was restarted on her once a day pill treatment and so far the itching has not returned.  However I feel as time progresses and she needs more, this may not still be the case. For cats like Sassy they need the radioactive iodine treatment which is a 100% cure for this disease.  So ultimately I have to start raising funds for this.  The radioactive iodine therapy costs around $1500.

If you would like to help, I have opened a Bonanza booth where you can purchase a wide variety of items from Toys to Android Tablets.  All proceeds will go to getting her radioactive iodine therapy.  If you can not help with a purchase, please forward the link to the store on your facebook, twitter and tumbler accounts.

Here is the direct link to : Koshkonong Treasures .

She as done nicely so far, and does need to go back in for lab testing to make sure her T4 is where it should be.  Hopefully this will be done within the next month or so.

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