Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recovering Nicely!

Charlie is recovering nicely from his Dental surgery. Have not seen any red ears since the day after surgery.  Hoping the Dental surgery solves this issue.

The others cats are doing nicely (knock on wood). Today they are being lazy as I am too!  Soon I will be changing food.  I will be changing back to chicken soup for the pet lover's soul. Hopefully it takes care of the dark waxy build- up in smokie's ears and the vomiting.  Smokie has another three months until another blood draw for updated T4 readings.

I have found a toy that they all love. It's a hybrid that I put together.  It's a dabird attachment feather or mouse and put it on a child's fishing rod. OMG they go nutty for it! It's the only toy that they want to play with!

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