Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I last posted on any of the cats.  Since taking the 2nd Job, it's now my main job. Smokie is still on the medication, all though he started throwing up again about 8-9 months ago.  He went in to check his thyroid numbers and they were good. He's also had a lot of brown waxy build up in his ears as well. I'm thinking it could be allergy related on both accounts due to food.  It could also be the medication. But stopping the medication is not going to be the answer. He'll start throwing up without it. So I won't know either way. So, I'll be changing food to a limited ingredient food. Trying to find one that is within my budget is not an easy task as they are all really expensive. So the search is continuing.

Smokie is a very interesting cat.  He knows the time at which he gets his meds and he will be next to me crying away and it's usually two minutes to 7 (he gets his meds at 7am and 7pm).  There have been times I've been busy doing something and have not heard my alarm go off for his meds. And I know if he's pestering me persistantly it's one of two things if his bowl is full it's because it's past 7 and he has not gotten his medication. HE reminds me! He's such a unique cat, and that's why I love him!

One of my other cat's Faith had to cross the rainbow bridge due to a stroke on December 27th 2011. I was heartbroken but I knew it was best for her. It's been a hard year without her. I miss her tiny squeeks. :(  Many people have tried to send other cats my way, but unfortunately I have a limited income and can not afford at this time to take any more in. It's sad, but true. I see a great many cats that I'd love to rescue, but the funds are just not there.

Many of the cats, in 2012, had lots of dental work done. All of my cats accept the youngest Callie, has had teeth removed.  Charlie the recent one, had 4 removed. One was one of his canine teeth. He is genetically predisposed to having them just drop out.  The one that was taken had a pocket in it, so it had to be removed.  He's doing fine. I initally brought him in for the very red ears he'd get.  We're thinking it was from the teeth, but not completely sure right now. If it doesn't resolve with the teeth removal, then we'll be looking at blood pressure next.

Sassy used to get red ears and now it's been quite some time since I've seen them red like the picture's I've posted in my blog previously. I'm thinking the tooth removal might have been the issue with her. And I'm hoping it's the solution to Charlie's red ears.

The other thing that prompted me to bring Charlie in was that he has been pouncing on Lucky. Just after Christmas he bit her leaving her with a bite mark and a nice wound. That has healed over, and he does seem to be calmer since the dental surgery. I'm hoping that stops the agressiveness towards Lucky and the other female cats.

That brings everyone up to date on their lives thus far and their journey in life.

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